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Editors want to get the job done - quickly and easily. The COMYAN Media System enables them to do just that - to find images, graphics and stories blazingly fast out of millions of digital assets. Everything is intuitive since it just works like the Internet. Automated, browser based workflows speed up production and provide maximum control over the processes to all the people involved. 


Keep it running... is in the mind of all IT staff, and nothing can be better than a system that just runs. Fortunately, the COMYAN Media System has an impressive track record to be exactly that: just running for over a decade, in some of the most demanding environments. Automatic fail-over clustering for high availability, on of the most maintenance-free databases on the market, and excellent references from other IT departments will put even the most stressed IT-minds at ease.


Managers want to optimize processes and make production more efficient. COMYANs fast search engine is good news for them, since editors can concentrate on finding the best images and stories, rather than spending too much time in searching. And the COMYAN image workflow enables a whole new dimension in pre-press production - within the same building or even distributed over a whole continent.


Photographers want their best images to be found and published in the newspaper. The COMYAN Media System enables editors to find their valuable pictures with unprecedented ease and using many kinds of search strategies. Furthermore, powerful meta-data editing capabilities (including keyword assignment) make it a lot easier for an asset to be found, out of millions of others.


Archivist spend their day doing two things: Searching, and creating the necessary meta-data to enable things to be found (also by all the other editors who are searching themselves). Naturally, fast search speeds are of maximum importance to them. But their high requirements for efficient meta-data creation are often neglected by commercial archival systems - it is a big difference if just a few, or hundreds of images must be processed every day. COMYAN has therefore always been dedicated to the development of powerful manual and automatic keyword assignment tools.


Finally, CEOs want the best system but not the latest fad, and also they usually do not want the most expensive system on the planet. Fortunately, COMYANs price/performance ratio is unmatched in the industry. Furthermore, a fast, stable system also means high productivity and low maintenance costs, which are often overlooked in the initial investments.