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  Major Reasons


Continuous Innovation

Over a very long period of time, has a proven track record of "firsts" and innovation:

One of the first digital newspaper editions [1993], one of the first newspaper imageand agency text archives based on web-browser technology [1996], use of a real search engine [Verity/Autonomy, 1996], PDA/mobile newspapers [1998], one of the first WAP [mobile phone] newspaper [1999] and ePaper [2002]. Out of this, a true integration architecture for print publishing, online publishing and asset management has been developed and is being developed further every year

High Quality

has a proven track record of extremely reliable medium to large-scale installations [up to 800 users, > 10 million objects]. Over a period of more than 10 years, up-time of systems and stability has always been high, based on a thorough and far-sighted engineering of the underlying databases and structures. Instead of always following the latest technology fashion trend and starting from scratch every couple of years, created an architecture that already has been performing for many years without major changes – and the underlying database structure is more than well-prepared for the next decade.

User Orientation

s most valuable input always came from one source: The users themselves. This is why most editors feel at home in the system from the first moment of looking at it. s culture of listening to the requirements and ideas from the users has benefited the system design immensely. Weaving their ideas together with visionary technological thinking really is the key which ultimately makes the product possible.

Probably the best thing about COMYAN is that it is so easy to use! We hardly need any training for our editorial staff. People who are familiar with Internet browsers just sit down and start working with it.

[A user, at one of our recent test installations]