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Products Overview    The COMYAN Media System

 Image System

Manage many millions of images - current and archived - within the same system, using lightning-fast search and efficient workflows.


 Agency Text

Receive unlimited sources, search and scan thousands of stories within your browser in perfect ease.

 Editorial Archive

Store and perfectly retrieve the content of your publications, from today's newspaper to everything that you ever published.

 Page Archive

Store and search all the pages of your publications, even for those where no individual articles are available from the editorial system.

 NewsBench Client

Increase the value of your archived data - improve the quality and usability using structural editing and enriching with additional links, keywords and meta-data.


Automatically process content from more than 17 different editorial system vendors in a really neutral and high-quality format for archiving and digital publishing.

AudioVideo System

Convergence of text, images, video and audio is happening rapidly - and you are probably already hosting a number of video clips and podcasts on your website. Now you also got a great tool for managing all these assets: The Comyan Media System


 Digital Editions

HTML5 "One for All" ePaper that runs on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and of course all desktops

iPad/iPhone native ePaper with advanced functionality like Audio Navigation

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

You could look at the COMYAN Media System as a very powerful image database, agency system, editorial and page archive and certainly the most powerful newspaper data processing engine ever created [with great-looking ePapers produced automatically, practically as a by-product].

But the whole truth is more than that. Because all the parts are integrated into a single system, a single database and a single user interface, this enables functionality otherwise not possible with separate systems. For instance, every original image in the COMYAN Image System is linked to all pages from the COMYAN Editorial Archive where that image was published [and vice versa]. Searching for images, graphics, agency texts or newspaper articles works in exactly the same way - all share the same user interface, developed in close cooperation with newspaper editors for over a decade. And because the powerful newspaper data processing engine [accepting native data from more than ten different editorial systems and page planning systems] is producing the best data for the archive, creating high-quality ePaper editions [for desktop and mobile] is just a snap - usually without any human intervention, as a batch job running at night.