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 Page Archive

Retrieve all the pages of your publications in a single place -
directly linked to the articles in the Editorial Archive.

During import from editorial systems, both the individual articles (where available) as well as the full pages of publications are archived. Both are searchable, meaning that you can search for any word that occurs in the full page, as long as it is contained in the page PDF. The page archive is also used to get a quick overview of an edition in page format, jumping to individual articles [see Editorial Archive] from the ePaper-like pages.

Searching within ready-made page parts, advertisements and PDF-only

If you are regularly placing third-party ready-made page elements into your layout, the content of these elements typically will not be available within your editorial archive, because they are not part of the editorial system. [An exception is if you are using COMYAN Rosetta to extract those parts from the pages, then they will also be part of the editorial archive.] However, you can always find them with a search within the page archive. In the same way, publications where only PDF is available can be archived in a very simple way.