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 NewsBench Client

Increase the value of your archived data - improve the quality and usability using structural editing and enriching with additional links, keywords and meta-data.

MediaExchange is used to import the data into the database and create Digital Editions automatically. Most of the time, this process is fully automatic at night - using its sophisticated algorithms that are able to detect which images belong to which articles, follow the flow of articles over pages and connect article fragments in the right order.

Correct structure and metadata

While MediaExchange can usually (re-)construct the right assembly of articles, in a trendy magazine-like layout this can be very difficult to get always right. In this case - and if your editorial system does not provide this grouping information - you may want to do this manually. NewsBench is a tool that makes this easy to do, by just clicking on boxes and saying "connect". And remember, you will only need this if both your layout is very complex and your editorial system does not provide the structure [like, if you are using plain Quark XPress with no workflow system behind it]. And even in this case, you only need to do missing links and need not do everything.

Increase the value of your archived data

You may also want to increase the value of your data by adding useful information to it. This can be done later in the process, for instance on the next morning. Any additional information that you supply - like links between related articles, into the Internet, keywords, and other meta-data - is automatically updated in both the archive and all Digital Editions. Media Base is always the single source for all exports and edtions.

Easy graphical user interface

NewsBench’s graphical user interface is very intuitive and shows all the elements of a newspaper both in list view and in a page view - so you just click on the fragments that you want to be linked and select "assign" or "connect"