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Inventing and building the transition between print and online news media has been the passion and dedication of for more than a decade. Starting with one of the worlds first ever digital newspaper editions in 1993 - an audible "newspaper" edition for the blind and visually handicapped - has built an impressive track record of firsts. Fully automatic newspaper Web publishing in 1995, a personalised newspaper in 1997, the first PDA edition in 1998, one of the world's first WAP mobile editions [including online archive search] in 1999, an eBook edition, an online ePaper with more than 20.000 registered users for a single newspaper as well as a patent-pending interactive PDF download edition are witnesses of s unique skills in building the print-online bridge.

continues to be dedicated to developing the best technical solutions for leading media companies aiming at the best convergent workflows and story-centric, media-independent publishing.


We are proud of the following achievements:

1993   Digital Newspaper for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1996   Fully automatic Web-publishing for "derStandard.at", Vienna
1997   Digital newspaper archive using Internet/Browser technology
1998   First German-language "Pocket-Newspaper" for PocketPC/Palmpilot/PDA
1999   Austria’s first mobile newspaper, including mobile archive search
2000   First complete eBook edition of a German-language newspaper
2001   Live-XML interface for archive [XML web service]
2002   Integrated digital image workflow with Agfa Intellitune®
2003   "online" and "portable" ePaper
2004   Release 2.8 with completely new framework
2005   Release 2.9 with new user interface design
2006   Innovative Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress Interface ["Rosetta"]
2008   Video- und Audio-System, Release 2.9.1
2009   Universal Search
2010   iPad Edition (App)
2011   iPad Edition V2 with HTML5/CSS re-layouts
2013   Cloud for Media System and "one for all" HTML5 ePaper edition
2014   iPad/iPhone Edition V3 with Audio Navigation (the first newspaper you can talk to)