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MediaSystem in-a-box


High end digital asset management - for the rest of us


Wouldn't it be great if you could run the same tools that some of the best-run newspapers in the world are running? And without going through a complex process of specification and integration projects?

This was the idea behind our "MediaSystem in-a-box", an integrated solution that consists of hardware, operating system, database and application - in fact the full Comyan Media System as it is running on large enterprise servers.

And you will be surprised how big it can get: Up to 12 TB raw space in a single enclosure will allow you to store up to 10-20 Mio images (but you probably want to use it for Graphics, Agency Text, Audio, Video and Newspaper Archving as well, using additional licenses). The processing power is scalable to two Quad-Core Xeon processors, more than medium-sized newspapers will need in our experience.

To make it easy for you, we put together a convenient starter configuration and of course you are welcome to add more hardware, features, user licenses and support services according to your needs. This pre-installed configuration is available for 9.999 EUR:


Hardware: HP DL 180 G6 with one Intel Quad-Core Xeon processor (expandable to two), 4 GB RAM (expandable to 144), 3 TB of raw hard-disk space (expandable to 12 TB), built-in RAID controller (0,1,5)
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition
Database: SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (upgradable to Standard Edition)
Application Licenses: 10 named user licenses COMYAN Image & Graphics System (expandable with Agency Text, Audio/Video and Newspaper Archive licenses)
Hardware support: HP CarePack 7x24 x 3 years
Application support: COMYAN Standard Support 1 year (expandable to Software Upgrade)