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 Image System


you are receiving several thousands of pictures and graphics per day and want to publish a couple of hundred within just a few hours. No question that you need really powerful tools for handling this - including search within many millions of archived images, all within the same system.

Easy & fast access

Anybody with a web-browser [IE, Firefox, Safari] and sufficient privileges has access to all the functionality - no other client software is required. COMYANs fast search engine is a treat to every editor, and user interface is very easy, intuitive, and configurable to individual preferences.

For example, workgroup-enabled Lightboxes enable your staff to collect and to share material for today's stories in or any time in the future.

Efficient Production Workflow

Managing the data flow between the various functions in editorial, pre-press and layout has always been a challenge. s browser based workflow is the answer. Editors select and [optionally] crop images in their web-browser, the desk editor just drags the image to the page, while pre-press can include automatic color management and integrates Photoshop for manual processing. Finally, updates are automatic and the status can be checked from the same browser.

One Database: Image Reception, Production and Archiving

It is still quite common to separate the production of new images from the system which is used for archiving. Typically, lack of performance is the main reason. However, there are huge advantages in having all images and graphics in one place: Editors do not need to use two different systems [production and archiving], there are no duplicates, all images are found... and, not to be underestimated, both print and online editorial systems can access the same pool of images and graphics.

The COMYAN Image System is using advanced search engine technology and makes images available at extremely high speed - so there is no need for a second system.

Publishing documentation for every image

Additionally, you will be able to track what images were published, where and when, even with a direct link to the page. All published (cropped) images are stored separately from the originals, with links between them. Every original keeps a record of all publishing data with return links to the pages in the editorial archive.

This also allows exact records to be shared with the commercial system when calculating royalties.