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 Editorial Archive

Store and perfectly retrieve the content of your publications, from today's newspaper to everything that you ever published.

It is good to know that whatever you published will be archived forever - and is readily available to anybody who needs it, including Internet portals and third party databases for syndication of your content.

High quality import

Good archiving starts with as-good-as-possible sources. COMYAN NewsBench and its unique, deep integration with editorial systems (currently, more than 17 are supported) are the guarantee that everything will be archived in best quality, fully automatically. You are not only looking at PDF, but at individual articles with meta-data and links to all related objects such as images and pages.

Powerful search

Searching within many millions of newspaper articles is made a lot easier and comfortable using COMYANs built-in search engine. With unprecedented speed and accuracy, you pinpoint the articles that you are interested in. Advanced search within meta-data [edition, page number, author,...] helps to find those "special" articles.

High-quality display

The editorial archive makes every article available in formatted text with highlighting for search terms, in a facsimile preview [like the cut-out-article from the newspaper] and, for some editorial systems, also as a PDF for high-quality printing. Of course, for every article there is a direct link to the page [ see Page Archive] and from every page there are ePaper-like links to the articles.

Professional archiving

We have heard sometimes that "archiving" and "keywording" will "not be needed" in the future as "full-text search will do all that". It is interesting to observe that the Internet community is moving into the opposite direction: Disillusioned by tens of thousands of Google hits, users are introducing "tagging" [a very crude form of keywords] everywhere, and actively researching about more advanced methods of meta-data in the future.

COMYAN supports structural tagging [keywords and dossiers] already for a long time and implemented tools that make the handling of keywords extremely easy and efficient, up to automatic keyword assignment rules.