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 Digital Editions

Online Edition ePaper [DHTML]

The online ePaper module is the primary edition for digital newspaper and magazine publication. The user interface is based on a pure W3C standard dynamic HTML and runs on all current browsers and platforms such as Internet Explorer Version 5.x and later, Apple Safari, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. No special plug-ins or other client installations are necessary. Special options support users with low-bandwidth connections and small screens.

The main features are:

  • fast download time, direct access to all editions and news sections
  • click to enlarge individual articles
  • articles can be displayed in HTML or facsimile format
  • one or two page displays, scaled to screen size, high/low resolution and band widths
  • short term archive with full-text search [standard version]
  • advertisements are fully included
  • e-mail functions of articles in both formats
  • front-end skinning incorporating publication design and style

Pocket Edition ePaper

The Pocket ePaper allows the paper to be read on small mobile devices such as PDAs and smartphones. The only requirement is that the device must read HTML and have a browser. Edition templates can be developed for specific devices to give the paper optimal formatting and display. The newspaper can either be read online or downloaded in its entirety.

Portable Edition ePaper [PDF]

People like to take their newspapers with them and that is the idea behind the Portable Edition. Readers can take the paper on a laptop or tablet PC, without an Internet connection. The technology behind this edition is PDF, which has been enriched with interactive functionality so that you can also click-enlarge individual articles - making it probably the first truely readable PDF newspaper edition ever.





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