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About Us


COMYAN has concentrated on the the development of highly innovative content management systems for the future of news[paper] publishing since 1993.

COMYAN practically grew up with the Internet revolution. Our goal is and was from the very beginning to enable traditional newspapers the transit to the digital world, which we recognized as the future of publishing, years before the invention of the web browser.

This means that our know-how is both in the latest developments of content management, asset management and Web technolgies, as well as the very specific needs of the newspaper and magazine industry, which we learned to know very well.

This makes us both different from traditional newspaper software vendors (which are, despite all efforts, still mostly thinking in paper) as well as from web content management companies, which usually do not know much about newspapers.This "convergence" is the specific, unique position of  COMYAN.

Our leadership principles are: Innovation—Quality—Customer Orientation.


COMYAN was founded - and is 100% owned - by two brothers, Peter and Wolfgang Resele. Born in Vienna and grown up in Graz, Austria, both have studied at the Technical University in Graz and both have deep technical backgrounds. Love for good writing and journalism on the one hand, awareness of ecological needs and technical possibilities on the other, led to the founding of their company in several stages since 1992.

COMYAN is fully self-funded and does not in any way depend on third parties except on the satisfaction of its customers.


  DI Peter Resele
  Weiherweg 2 b
D - 82205 Gilching  [near Munich]
phone   +49  [8105]  77939 - 0
fax   +49  [8105]  77939 - 5