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Get Moving!

Convergence of text, images, video and audio is happening rapidly - and you are probably already hosting a number of video clips and podcasts on your website. Now you also got a great tool for managing all these assets:

handles huge numbers of video and audio streams of practically any format.





Import practically any video and audio format

There are so many video formats out there - and the Comyan Media System supports most of them natively. This includes H.264 (MP4/AVC), Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media and several others. For audio MP3, AAC, WMA and others are supported. Native support means that the file will be stored and can be retrieved in full resolution and original format, very much like the Comyan Media System already handles images and graphics.

Optimized for the media

The result list and preview formats really show that video - not just in a single image, but actually as a full stripe of stills that give you an overview of the whole timeline of the clip. And you can adjust how much you want to see depending on your screen space.

The latest format for previews

In contrast to most Internet portals which only support the older Flash video standard, the Comyan Media System is using the latest H.264 video standard that is also used by iTunes as well as all major camcorder manufacturers. In fact, the preview format generated by the Comyan Media System is directly compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. For audio, both MP3 and AAC are available for previews (configurable).

Same ease of use, same speed, huge storage space

User love how easy it is to work with the Comyan Media System. Audio and video works in exactly the same way as images, graphics agency text and editorial content. All content is integrated into a single system. You can easily store and handle many terabytes of data.

Süddeutsche Zeitung is using it since 2010

Germany's largest quality has been using the audio / video system successfully since 2010 for the real-time reception of several agencies and the archiving of their own produced video-clips. COMYAN even created a web service integration with the Polopoly Web Content management system, so that the publishing of a video clip only takes two clicks from the editor.

Technical specifications



MP4 / MPEG-4,
MP4 / AVC (=H264)
Flash / FLV1 (=H263), Flash / FLV4 (=VNP6)
MOV / AVC (=H264)
MOV, 3GP (Handy-Format)
OGG (=Theora+Vorbis)


OGG (=Vorbis)