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 Agency Text

Receive unlimited sources, search and scan millions of stories within your browser in perfect ease.

Editors using agency systems require mostly two things: Speed and ease of use. Of course, also all the sources [agencies and other sources of information] should be available at the proverbial press of a button. The COMYAN Media System provides this, in a user interface which is perfectly integrated within the whole solution.

Search, find, produce

Editors typically either browse or watch incoming feeds, or specifically search for stories using full-text search, keywords and categories. A pane provides fast previews including search term highlighting.

Once a story is opened, it can be transferred to the editorial system either using the copy button or even open the stroy directly in the editor of the system.

Tracking of usage

Editors are scanning thousands of stories every day. So it is very practical for them that they can see which stories are already taken, by whom and when. The system automatically keeps track of all story usages.