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The Comyan ePaper automatically converts your existing print publication into a beautifully formatted, fully responsive digital edition on iPad/iPhones, Android and Web, and allows you to insert additional digital advertising:

COMYAN ePaper edtion on the iPhone


iOS App: Kleine Zeitung ePaper in the App Store

The Comyan Media System connects your existing and future production systems into a single content infrastructure. All media is easily shared between all the participating systems. click here to find out more ...


Download: The Content Backbone F.A.Q.


COMYAN Content Backbone, Part 1: What is the Content Backbone?





Your own Google


universal search

One Media Base that has everything - unfinished articles currently in print production, videos from your readers, online content and of course your whole archive right back to 1904. You will find all of this in a single search, in a single result list, with a single set of meta data - much better than any federated search will ever be able to do.


The importance of good integration

Since the beginning COMYAN concentrated on the integration with other, existing systems. Find out why integration is so important and most of all: What integration means for your company and your system architecture in the future.

A record of successful integrations - see what systems COMYAN already integrated successfully.

Case Study Frankfurter Rundschau: Find out how Dumont integrated a number of different newspapers into a common archive and ePaper.

Focus on Integration - our position.


High-End Digital Asset Management - for the rest of us

MediaSystem in-a-boxHow about 2 Million Images, 145.00 Graphics, 3,2 Million Agency Texts, 1.800 hours of VGA-resolution Video, 800.000 Newspaper Articles and 128.000 Pages - all in a single box?

Add lightning-fast search, a true web-interface (no windows client required, ever) and the full functionality of the Digital Asset Management Software used by the leading quality newspapers of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, India and Dubai, and you get the COMYAN Media System in-a-box.


All you need to do is to unpack it, plug it into your network and start working. To make things easier, we even included standard support for the first year, in case you need help.



Already some of the world's best-run newspapers are running Comyan.
When are you?






The users just love the speed and ease of use. So we rolled it out to over 1000 users within just a couple of months, and replaced our other image and agency text databases with one central system.

Tushar Biliye,
General Manager (Production-IT)
Times of India

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